Cuckoo Club: The Most Stylish Nightclub In London

The Cuckoo Club is a premium playground for the most stylish party-goers in London. Once voted Best New Nightclub, the decadent destination attracts a smattering of celebrities and during London Fashion Week may as well hang a ”models only” sign on the door. Guests enter through an Alice in Wonderland Esque hedge archway into an overly ostentatious interior with plush velvet furnishings and brightly coloured Japanese trees towering over the hot pink dance floor. An elevated, mirror-back bar is the main attraction serving up quirky cocktails with a twist.


London has it’s fair share of indentikit, faceless bars and clubs with not an inch of creativity and The Cuckoo Club is far from that. Infamous designer Barabara Hulanicki designed the incredible 5,000 square feet and two storey space which boasts contemporary influencing and more soul and creativity than the rest of the London nightspots put together. This top-notch nightspot has a team of managers so slick they were recently described as a ‘formidable team’ by Vogue and we couldn’t agree more.

Decked out in a sky of royal purple lights, glowing chandeliers and detailed tray ceilings hovering above dimpled leather lounges and plump fabric chairs, The Cuckoo Club strikes a fine balance between dance club and cocktail lounge. The dance floor is large enough for an enormous crowd of well-heeled, young and attractive guests to dance the night away to some of the best DJ’s in town pounding out Pop / Top-40, R’n’B, Commercial House and Classic Rock hits, alongside an always fresh and well-selected stream of amazing live-music – from world-class legends through to the next big things.


Don’t expect it to get busy before 11pm but if you don’t have a VIP table, then by midnight you’ll have a hard time keeping your drink in your glass. The exclusive nightspot is super busy until the early hours all weekend, however they pride themselves on offering the best Friday night in London. Primarily a members club, entry is at the choice of the doormen so dress to impress and you might just slip inside for an evening of entertainment.

The Cuckoo Club

Swallow Street

London, W1B4EZ